Sellers Home

A houseful of hand made furniture.

Sellers Home is an actual bricks-and-mortar house that we bought about a year ago. Our plan is that Paul Sellers will design and build the furniture one piece at a time in his garage workshop.

You see, we could kit out a state of the art workshop with all the latest machines and gadgets (the manufacturers would send them to us for free) but that would take us into an area where most people would just watch for entertainment. Many of you would not be able to follow along.

Instead we are focussed on building furniture using hand tools and a few common machines, such as a drill press and a bandsaw, in a space the size of a single-car garage because this makes it accessible by millions of people around the world. What we are showing can be adapted to a wide variety of circumstances.

Doing all of this for a real home means that our instruction will stay real and grounded. We think you are going to love it and we can't wait to get started!

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Project Houseful

By Izzy Berger | 16 January 2020 |

On Friday 29th March 2019 Paul and Joseph picked up the keys to the house which marks the start of the next stage for the business. ‘Project Houseful’ is a temporary name we have given to our next project, filling a real home with handmade furniture. Over the years we have built up a library…

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